TESİS OTOMASYON ELEKTRİK VE PROJE SAN. TİC. VE TAAH. LTD. ŞTİ. has been established in Bursa in 2010 in order to wholesale of electrical and electronic products and supply for project-based works.

  • The firm starts business in 2012, in it’s building with storage capacity of 1000 m2 which is located in developing Çalı industrial zone in Turkey's one of the most dynamic industrial center, Bursa and continues its activities with the institutionalization efforts for procurement organization. Tesis has expanded it’s service area for import and export operations to RUSSIA, BALKANS, ASIA, AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST with the support received from group companies and since 2013 continues to operate with expert staff in its new building located in industrial zone to provide better service.

Main export items of Tesis are switchgears, PLC automation products, data cables, network cat5, cat6 anc cat7 cable groups, drivers. soft starters and mcb, mccb, rcb, C rcbo products. In addition to this, it sells a variety of many products pf lighting fixtures and controls. It serves a number of countries with 23 years of experience in the sector with the increasing brand and product variety in this area.

Tesis continues its activities by diversifying its service with the power received from it’s group company which has a Premium partnership for XL3 series with Legrand; one of the world’s leading manufacturers for electrical panels.

Also our another group company Tasarruf Dünyası, smoothly continues to supply products in all matters related to Intelligent building software, the PLC-automation, SCADA systems application.